We took the road with high value targets and we have proceeded vastly in 30 years at the tourism sector as Akdeniz Pe-Tur Travel agency and INC in 1982 and became a member of IATA organization which is deemed as the most prestigious membership of sector, in 1991.

Until 2007, we offered tour, convention, seminar and organization services to our guests who were traveling through our branch offices as well as domestic and international flight tickets, car rentals, hotel sales and charter flights. By meeting the travel sector with technology and internet at the beginning of 2008, we put our signature under first WEBSDOM project of Turkish Airlines under the name of ‘’BiletBank’’.

Today, our company which has 30 years of experince as a member of TURSAB has been continuing to add value to tourism sector by its 4 branch offices at home, 6 branch offices at abroad and its call center offering service 7/24/365 days and we facilitate the life of travel agencies with new projects developed in the light of future technologies.