BiletBank is a website which was put into service for Travel Agents as registered mark of Akdeniz Petur Tourism in 2007. BiletBank B2B website ( offers opportunity of online flight tickets, hotel, rent a car , insurance and transfer sale to travel agents. Akdeniz Petur Tourism started to carry out activity as a Travel Agent Group A in 1982 and became a member of IATA in 1992 and it offers professional service by its 5 domestic and 3 international branch offices.
The reservation limit conditioned by airline companies is 48 hours. You can’t book a flight: you can only issue flight ticket for which there is less than 48 hours.
The commission payments are done on 15 days periods provided that the necessities requested by our accounting department have been fulfilled.
When you click Reports in BiletBank Main Menu, you may directly access to PNR or Ticket Number at your hand by giving a date range at transaction Reports or using the transaction search module. You may make confirmation by entering your information at ticket screen.
You may contact our Call Center from 0850 222 0 830.
You may display which airlines schedule and whether there is availability at these flights or not, on the system.

* Select the Travel Type (One Way-Round Trip) and Departure – Arrival destinations from search module.

* Select number of passengers (Adult – Child – Baby – Old – Student).

* Select the cabin type (Economy or Business).

* Click the list button.

* In this way, all information concerning to the flights are listed on screen and the information concerning to seat number at the right side of screen may be displayed.

You may log in the system by using your user name and password to be sent by us to your e-mail address following your subscription application and then, you may start to enjoy our BiletBank website.
You may manage your sub-users defined in the system. You may access the transactions by giving decision on which transactions they may make or view while making your user identifications. While the Admin may see all transactions that you will make by using your password, the sub-users may be able to access the operations to be determined by you. If you have any question, you may receive support from our information technologies or agent department.
When you go to Reports in BiletBank Main Menu, you may directly access to PNR or Ticket Number at your hand by giving a date range at Reports or using the transaction search module. You may view the transactions conducted by means of our Call Center from your BiletBank reports with a delay of approximately 30 minutes (only Domestic Flights).
It is not possible to make name change or to transfer an electronic ticket that you have booked or purchased.
You may make online application to BiletBank by filing the ‘’New Agent Application Form’’ available in the first page of our website. After you have completed your online application, you shall submit the documents listed below in 7 days at the latest time. You may download your contract at online application page. Please send the below-mentioned documents to below-mentioned address by cargo.

* Copy of Agent Establishment Certificate and Signatory Circular

* Certificate of Activity

* Copy of Trade Registry Gazette Tax Certificate

* BiletBank Contract that you have downloaded as stated above


Cobançeşme Sanayi Cad. Nish Istanbul, C Blok Kat:17 No: 205 YENIBOSNA – ISTANBUL

Tel:0850 222 0 830

Your subscription procedures will have been completed after we send your User Name and Password in the shortest time following receiving your documents.

Following the purchase of flight ticket, the ticket detail screen is opened for the user who makes the payment and you may view the electronic ticket by clicking e-ticket button at the passenger information part.

1) Enter in BiletBank and choose Domestic Flight or International Flight Ticket Sale procedure at Operations Menu.

2) Choose Travel Type (One Way – Round Trip) Departure – Destination options at Search Module.

3) Choose passenger number (Adult – Child – Baby – Old – Student).

4) Choose cabin type (Economy or Business).

5) Make selection from promotion filter.

6) Click the list button.

7) Following the listing procedure, choose the airline and flight time that you prefer.

8) In terms of departure and arrival selection, first make departure selection. After the departure destination procedure is completed, the return information is displayed on the screen.

9) In terms of departure-arrival selection which is one of differences and conveniences of BiletBank system, the departure flight information is also displayed on the screen while the return flight information is displayed.

10) At the next step, enter Passenger Information – Sex – Passenger Name and Surname – T.R. ID No. – E-mail – Telephone Number – THY Miles Card Number as TKXXXXXX if any.

11) Click save button.

12) The reservation confirmation message is sent. The procedure will have been completed when ok button is clicked.

Important Reminder: The mobile phone number of passenger must be written at the information part which is entered for the flight booked. When you click the list all button at promotion filter part, the flights which may not be cancelled and refunded are listed. The customer’s claim for refund shall be taken in consideration. Don’t forget to make explanation to your customer at the time of sale. The airlines are listed in descending order on the listing screen. .
In case you forget your password, you may receive support by calling our technical department of Call Center at 0850 222 0 830.

You may conduct your operation by determining e-invoice or corporate options at invoice information menu (3rd page) while issuing ticket.The below-mentioned information shall be entered.

For issuing invoice to an individual:




For issuing invoice to a company:









It is the application which has started to be used since the classic paper ticket application was terminated by international air transportation association (IATA) as of June 01, 2008. It is the travel document which keeps the passenger’s travel information electronically. Along with that, the travels are conducted by a Valid Identity Card.

BiletBank B2B website gives the opportunity of making online flight ticketing to travel agents. For international flights: all Airlines are subscribed to IATA,

For domestic airlines: TURKISH AIRLINES - ANADOLU JET - ATLASGLOBAL - SUN EXPRESS , PEGASUS and ONUR AIR are the airlines with which we cooperate.

The reservation or sale operations may be conducted by displaying all flights of these airlines that we work on BiletBank B2B website on a single screen along with prices, seat availability and alternative flights. The Travel Agents subscribed to system may inquiry and report all transactions retrospectively. Additionally, the services such as Online Check-in, viewing mile awards, etc. which are customer and agent support aspects may be offered and the support may be received from Call Center support department working 7/24 at every moment.

After you log in BiletBank system by using your username and password, you may fill the ‘’Request & Complaint Form’’ at operations menu and send it to us. Can I define user for my other staff in BiletBank system? After you register our system, you may define sub-user for your membership and you may also remove any user defined from the system. If you have any question, you may receive support from our operations or agent department.

The flight information belonging to airline companies working in a fast and reliable way may be displayed on a single screen. The end user price including the taxes is displayed on the system. It may be accessed at every moment thanks to its Call Center department which offers service 7/24. You will never experience a flight ticket problem as it operates on stock ticket system. The instant intervention and update operations are conducted without any problem since it incorporates its own software team. The commission payments are sent to agent accounts without any problem on 15 days periods (in 2 days after the commission invoice has been issued and sent to us by fax). It has e-frame application that the agents may use on their own websites. The invoices may be issued to companies and individuals thanks to electronic invoice system.

After you log in BiletBank, choose Domestic Flight/International Flight > Flight Ticket Sale at Operations Menu.

Select the Travel type as One Way – Round Trip and Departure – Arrival destination options at Search Module.

Select passenger number (Adult, Child, Infant, Old, Student) option.

Select the cabin type (Economy or Business).

Click the list button.

Select the Airline and flight time you prefer following the listing procedure.

In the next step, enter Passenger Information – Sex – Passenger Name and Surname – T.R. ID No. – E-mail – Telephone Number – THY Miles Card Number as TKXXXXXX if any.

Click save button.

In the next step, the invoice information is entered by choosing the Individual or Corporate option.

For issuing invoice to an individual:

T.R. ID No:


Telephone Number:

For issuing invoice to a company:

Legal Name:


Telephone Number:

Tax Office:

Click the save button.

The credit card option at the far-left of payment page is chosen.

The installment option shall be chosen for one shot payment.

Credit Card Information: the Credit Card number – Valid Thru – Security number information is entered. Please check the box of ‘’I read and accept the rules’’ and click ok.

The reservation confirmation message is displayed on screen and after clicking ok button, you may access E-Ticket – PNR – Electronic Invoice – Virtual Pos Receipt information at page of Sales Details.

Important Remainder: Please pay attention to get the VIRTUAL POS RECEIPT ~ U signed by your customer who buys the ticket and keep this receipt. Don’t forget that you, our agents, are responsible as much as us in case of probable problems.

Moreover, our passengers who want to benefit from relevant discounts (Child – Infant – Old – Student, etc.) shall submit relevant documents at time of check-in. At the time of issuing the flight ticket, it is compulsory to enter T.R. ID No and Date of Birth. After these procedures are completed, you do not need to send document.
You may find the innovations and announcement on home page to be opened after you log in BiletBank website by your user name and password.

BiletBank is a Travel Agent which is a member of IATA. The restrictions applied by Airlines are also valid for us.

To illustrate, we may not make pre-reservation for the flights to which there is less than 48 hours.

In these cases, you may carry out your operations 7/24 by calling our Call Center at 0850 222 0 830.

Call Center department?

You may receive below-mentioned services from our Call Center department:

Flight ticket booking operations that you are not able to carry out on BiletBank,

Flight ticket change,

Flight ticket cancellation,

Refund operations,

Subscription applications,

Operations regarding to user and technical problems with respect to BiletBank.

For your Domestic Group Requests;

You may send your request to our Call Center by using the ‘’Operations/Domestic Flight/Group Request’’ menu on BiletBank. Following your request, you shall contact to our Call Center to confirm your request.

For your International Group Requests;

You may send your request by calling our Call Center department.

Sale on Installment: The installment is done for the bank credit cards stated on payment screen. Our late-interest and interest free option may vary between our agreements concluded with the banks.

Important Warning: The late interest is deducted from your commission in the installment transactions.

0-2 age is accepted as the age limit for infant passengers. I have subscribed to BiletBank system; may I open sub-agent account? You may manage your sales by adding sub-agent to your agent defined in the system.
In the operations done by credit card, we do not display and store the credit card information since the current electronic pos system is connected by intermediary bank independently from our system thanks to 256-bit encoding system and your transaction is conducted in the way that third parties are not allowed to view your information.

We have “BiletBank Platform” and BiletBank XML" applications by means of which you may sell ticket on your website.

You may sell ticket by adding the codes that you will obtain after your application to our Call Center’s technical department. You may instantly display the sales that you have made and you may follow these like a user of you online in our system.

The prices excluding the promotion within the scope of BiletBank system (may be displayed by using Promotion Filter at Search Module) may be Cancelled – Refunded - Changed within the scope of specific rules. The prices within the promotion may not be Cancelled – Refunded - Changed.
The children above 2 years old and below 13 years old who travel to the accompaniment of their families are child passengers.