Sell flight tickets and ancillaries from the world’s leading airlines all through a single integration!
BiletBank is a content and service provider that offers all the products OTAs need, especially flight tickets.

Known for breaking new ground in the Turkish tourism industry, BiletBank is the first OTA to provide a Flight Ticket API.

With its 30 years of experience in the tourism sector, BiletBank offers products and services that will make the life of tourism agencies easier. BiletBank Flight Ticket API, which is constantly updated in line with sectoral and technological developments, has been providing reliable and seamless service since 2009.

As the provider of a user-friendly and reliable flight ticket sales and distribution system, BiletBank offers the tickets of hundreds of Full-Service Carriers (FSC), Low-Cost Airlines and Charter companies operating in domestic and international air transport services to travel agencies via the Flight Ticket API. This service offers agencies the opportunity to provide flight tickets to any destination in the world at the desired tariff (FSC, Low-Cost Airlines, with or without luggage, etc.).

In addition to our region’s prevailing Low-Cost leader Pegasus Airlines, it is possible to catch the regional domestic fares of Turkish flag-carrier Turkish Airlines easily through our Flight Ticket API. By using BiletBank’s Flight Ticket API BBOST, agencies get the chance to offer campaigns and private fares of the leadership-board airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, and so forth.

BiletBank Flight Ticket API BBOST service is compatible with all platforms via XML and SOAP API infrastructure. You can compare all discounted and standard fares for hundreds of airlines. You can work with your own virtual POS or BiletBank Virtual POS, which integrates dozens of banks and financial institutions with advantageous POS rates.

Our seamless payments solution means there is no longer a need for capital upfront or bank guarantees. Add mark up to your offering and charge your customers instantly through our API. If you wish, you may also use your payment solution.

The dashboard allows you to reconcile your accounts quickly and see how much you earn for each sale.

Our comprehensive documentation, plug-and-play client libraries, and reliable test environment make it easy to build an excellent experience for your customers.

The fast-rising online travel agent (OTA) has its roots in customer empathy and careful engineering.
The only thing you should do is access our developer-friendly documentation and robust testing environment to build with ease.

Key features of BiletBank Flight Ticket API BBOST service:

Fast and easy integration

Seamless code structure

24/7 technical support

Rich and up-to-date content

Virtual POS integration *

* optional services

XML/API for Online Travel Agencies

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