24/7 Call Center Support Services

BiletBank Call Center provides support services in Turkish and English over the telephone or the chat software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regarding the following issues:

  • Information about our products and services,
  • Information about the campaigns,
  • Ticket cancellation, refund and change,
  • Hotel cancellation, refund and change,
  • Special requests for flights (extra baggage, seats, meals, wheelchairs, mileage processing, pet reservations, etc.)
  • Other customer wishes, demands, and requests.
Financial Services

Via the Finance module of BiletBank B2B Online Sales Platform, member agencies can view invoices and reports, provide them in Excel and PDF formats.

  • Periodic commission invoice for hotel, plane, and ancillary service sales,
  • Agency report,
  • Agency summary report,
  • Automatic invoice generation for agency, institution, and passenger,
  • In accordance with the legislation, e-invoice, e-archive invoicing,
  • Air ticket commission invoice summary.

All sales made through BiletBank B2B Online Sales Platform are fully invoiced, and e-invoice and/or e-archive invoices are automatically generated in accordance with financial obligations.

Our member agencies can quickly and easily manage their bookkeeping from desktop, mobile, and tablet devices at any time of the day, thanks to the advanced financial reporting services provided to them.

Reporting Services

Member agencies can view all the reports they need daily, weekly, monthly, or for a specific date range from the Reports section of BiletBank B2B Online Sales Platform and download them in Excel and PDF formats.

  • Arkman sales reports,
  • Flight ticket sales reports,
  • Hotel sales reports,
  • Ancillary service sales reports,
  • Cash loading reports,
  • Refund reports.
Payment Services

BiletBank B2B Online Sales Platform has a payment system infrastructure fully compliant with PCI DSS standards.

256 Bit SSL is used to secure credit card information, payment and collection transactions are carried out with 3D Secure protocol.

  • Cash payment,
  • Deposit payment,
  • Payment by Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards (cardholder can be member agent or customer),
  • Virtual POS integration with 10+ banks and financial institutions,
  • Payment in installments,
  • Secure payment with 3D Secure,
  • Advanced fraud prevention systems.
Commission Collection Services

Member agencies and their sub-agencies can define personalized, product-based commissions for their product sales (such as flight tickets, hotel, and car rental) on the BiletBank B2B Online Sales Platform. In addition, earned commission payments can be tracked and controlled by member agencies through the Finance module of BiletBank B2B Online Sales Platform.

  • Commission collection with two monthly cycles against commission invoice,
  • Transferring the earned commission to the account the next day,
  • Flexible commission application in sales transactions,
  • Possibility to earn extra commissions by creating a sub-agency network.
Member Agency Management Services

BiletBank B2B Online Sales Platform provides a detailed and easy-to-use Agency Management Panel for each member agency. The member agency can access this screen with their username and password. Features offered:

  • Agency information, billing information and manager information can be updated,
  • The agency can issue invoices with its own logo,
  • Multifunctional customer folder can be created,
  • Agent can create user folder,
  • Agency user authorizations can be automatically arranged,
  • Extra commissions and earnings can be obtained by creating a sub-agency network.
Technical Support Services

BiletBank Technical Support Center provides support services in Turkish and English regarding the following issues:

  • Providing support to our B2B (Online Sales Platform) member agencies regarding technical problems they experience while using the system,
  • Providing guidance and support to our B2C (using BBOST API) agencies regarding the problems experienced in using APIs,
  • Supporting our B2C agencies in every step of the process, from the testing process to the live environment, regarding the problems they encounter or the errors they have received in XML API integration processes.
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