Why does BiletBank prefer EMITT?


BiletBank (TicketBank in English) was created in 2008 by Akdeniz PE-TUR travel agency, which was founded in 1982, to offer new technologies to the tourism industry. With its easy use, rich content, problem solving ability and speed, in addition to a 24/7 support to its customers, BiletBank’s offerings include plane tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals and more.

Next year will be BiletBank’s 12th time at EMITT. SVP, Sales & Marketing of BiletBank, Ercan Uzman says that EMITT is the only exhibition in Turkey at which they repeatedly exhibit and adds: “In addition to being the most prestigious exhibition in Turkey and the region, we exhibit because it is a platform where we can meet our partners here and abroad, and have meetings with new business partners.”

BiletBank received the returns on its investments exceedingly from all EMITT exhibitions.

BiletBank leverages the fact that all stakeholders of the tourism industry gather at EMITT, and representatives of the company meet industry professionals in addition to their local and international partners at the exhibition. Uzman believes that gathering at EMITT once again will have a positive effect on the motivation in the industry and that new projects that are being developed to advance the industry will come to fruition faster thanks to EMITT.

There are nearly 100 agencies we gained as customers.

He also states that they have always gotten the return on their investment exceedingly from EMITT. When asked how they measure this success, he says that the number of new agencies they added to their portfolio thanks to EMITT is one of the biggest indicators.

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